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The Security Scanner On My Phone Doesn't Recognize My Face

Updated: Nov 2

The Return Of Wolves To The Great Plains Is Symbolic Of A New World As Wolves Are The Embodiment Of The True American Spirit. These Majestic Beasts Will Restore The Ecosystem, A Small Attempt To Reset Our Overdeveloped Landscape.


Three days after the murder of George Floyd I was in a state of confusion unlike anything I’ve ever experienced; not knowing if what I was feeling was wrong or right. My brian was clouded with fog and as I picked my phone up, ready to check Instagram for updates because it wasn’t soon enough to know more, to see more, to share more. It had only been about 2 minutes since I last looked. I raised my phone to my face for the security scanner on my iPhone to give recognition; yet again, I was fooled.

My mask wouldn’t allow the security scanner to read my face so I had to enter my code manually. Walking down the avenue with my mask on I stopped abruptly to enter my six digit code not realizing the person behind me stumbled a bit at my halt. Typically a halt on the street or in the subway is to say the least, annoying but a halt during COVID-19 adds another layer of stress to the, “socially distanced six feet apart from strangers,” guideline.

Later that night, at home, after I’d washed my face and settled onto the couch I hid my phone from myself, feeling really guilty for tuning out of the movement. I picked up my book which I was thoroughly enjoying.

The Wisdom Of Wolves, by Jim and Jamie Dutcher has praise from Jane Goodall. I’ve been a Goodall fan since I was a teen and I’ve read several of her books so I was sold because Jane Goodall. She taught us so much about our own evolution and behaviors through the study of primates. Goodall taught us that we can learn more about who we are and where we’re going if we study animals from the hominoid stage of human evolution.

Wolves earlier relationship with humans was built on a foundation of friendship; of hunting together and surviving the wilderness. Is it possible that when we parted ways with these creatures, they maintained all that they had learned from being a family, more so than humans maintained as we moved into civilization?

The Dutchers spent six years observing a specific pack of wolves, filming, observing and noting their behaviors. This was an effort to rescue Wolves from obliteration from the inhumanity of poachers. In an attempt to educate farmers and ranchers from whipping out this species, the Dutchers documentary revealed how much wolves are like humans in the way they function as a family, as a pack.

The Wisdom Of Wolves reveals the compassion, team spirit, emotional cognitive abilities of empathy that help wolves succeed as a pack. It also reveals how trauma exists in animals the same way it does in humans. Within the pack of wolves that were studied, the ones who were bullies or vicious to their mates had suffered some sort of bullying during their pup stages, the pattern repeated itself in the same human trauma repeats itself.

We have to protect wolves because for 5 million years, they inhabited the American landscape, for 5 million years! We can learn so much from these animals about our own selves - to become better people - to return to cognitive abilities and compassion and kindheartedness, to return to the virtues we had during our relationship of hunting and surviving the wilderness with our wolf companions when humans came to this continent approximately 15,000 years ago.

Wolves were not allowed to live on the plains and were not protected from 1850 to the early 1900’s. So conservatory programs were created to rescue wolves and when the law was passed to re-release wolves into the wilderness, these organizations did so - all along working on educational programs to help humans adjust and allow coexistence with these creatures. One of the arguments for coexistence is that a wolf needs their pack like we need each other, in the way we function as a society and so if wolves are together, they are stronger and less broken, less likely to interfere with human territory. When wolves are killed by poachers or farmers and lose each other; they lose their packs, then and only then do they seek after smaller prey such as livestock - entering farmland. A wolf as a pack is no bother to a farmer, they can hunt elk and only need to do so at irregular intervals since an elk can provide more than enough food for a large pack for quite a while. The observations match several others in accuracy because Jim and Jamie weren’t the only two writing, documenting, observing and providing conservatory homes for these creatures; there’s an entire community of activists who have been fighting to protect the existence of wolves because of how vital they are to our environment and of course because they’re the true inhabitants of the Great Plains who were whipped out as America entered cattle farming production.

Wolves became a threat to cattle in the beginning of our industrial farming practices; so wolves were allowed to be tortured inhumanly and killed recklessly for 75 years. It wasn’t until the Endangered Species Act of 1973 that wolf recovery plans were set in place.

When a real estate mogul took control of our American spirit on the list of things he disregarded was environmental acts and warnings from the wildlife committees about a plethora of diseases caused by over-development. If you’d like to know more about how important wolves are to the North American Ecology please visit, nywolf.org. You’ll find a list of annual reports dating back to 2010. You’ll also find active legal proceedings for complaints against the federal government for weakening wolf conservatory laws. As if you need another reason to dislike a real estate man.

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