Jesse Davis 

Classically trained with over 30 years of experience as a seasoned executive chef, 191 was Jesse's first outing as a proprietor/chef. For the past two years he's worked tirelessly on the line of his kitchen until March 2020.


Jesse is available on a consultant basis for menu and kitchen development. Jesse is also a house music dj and movie buff.

Rona Davis 

"The first two years of being a small business owner was extremely taxing. We didn't have a budget for a prep/line cook. That's how I ended up in the kitchen. I had to wear so many hats that owning a restaurant turned out to be an absolute nightmare for me. We were just starting to do really well as of late 2019 and things were beginning to look up for us, however, like so many others, we've had to pivot." - Rona Davis

Rona studied creative non-fiction writing in college and is now a freelance writer. View her writing services here